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Time to move. For good.
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 || 9:54 PM

Hello peeps/readers.

After years of blogging, I've decided to stop blogging for good. Not exactly stopping, just that I decided to shift to someplace more personal.

This blog will be no longer updated and yeah.

I'm always available through facebook/msn.

Toodles :)

Things that changed your life.
Sunday, October 30, 2011 || 9:10 PM

After I guess a week or so of pretty much burning the midnight oil. I can't really tell what have I actually studied. WhatI knew was when I was attempting those questions, it looks familar but its not on my fingertips, YET.

Have you encountered someone or something that actually insipired you to make a change in your life?

Fortunate to say. I do, once, or well, perhaps twice.

Back then when I can't understand a single word of mandarin to be exact, I don't feel a thing. One amazing voice that touches my heart and set me on a pretty interesting self-learning process. I gotta say, thanks to the amazing voice, today I could speak kinda fluent mandarin and read a couple of words and yeah. It changes my life, though the journey of learning was pretty tough.

The second one struck me recently. Perhaps, the person may be a stranger in my life. But its amazing how a stranger can spike up your interest on something. Someone that you never thought of doing before. Someone who totally changed your perception towards that issue. Its hard to resist to know more about the person who inspires you but it gets really fustrating when you don't get results from the research you've done.

Oh well, time to burn those midnight oil again. Cell metabolism and food chemistry. Love me as much as I love you. Thanks

Friday, October 7, 2011 || 12:38 AM

You always don't get the things you want.

Hate it? yes. tell yourself. its life.

Suck it up like a big lollipop and you'll feel much better :)

Suddenly I feel like taking a flight to somewhere far far away.

No worries, its not pms. Just feeling some blues.

what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger
Saturday, September 10, 2011 || 4:46 PM

This is especially true when you're all half dead with assignments and reports.

I guess I had been procastinating too much lately. Till I don't have an idea what I am doing lately.

I hope I'll survive till next Tuesday. Its gonna be a hardcore moment these 2 nights.

I will go through all these pain. :)

Friday, August 26, 2011 || 5:34 PM

When things don't go right. Go left. Or even U-turn.

There's always a way out. No matter what really went wrong. :)

The awesome feeling it gave me.
Saturday, July 30, 2011 || 11:15 PM

Writing this entry below the breezing fan and cooling air cond while enjoying the view from my room feels pretty awesome actually. I could see the whole subang/sunway area and if I'm lucky, I manage to get a glimpse of KL tower from my room. ;). It feels pretty awesome though.

Things get pretty hard to explain at times. Back to the times where biology form 4 and 5 is something so amazing to us, things get pretty laggy when it comes to university life. I swear that I don't realise how powerful our hormones are back then especially during the days of the month. I swear it hit be badly when I started to step my foot into the 20's.

The joy and uplifting enjoyment it gave u at the start of the day and you never know, u end up with despression at the end of the day. Things start to manipulate your mind, you crave for food and you get really fustrated easily. You feel like the whole world hates you for who you are.

Its million times tougher when you decide to unlike something. You may need to find millions of reasons why you unlike it, although deep in your heart, you wish that you could own it by your side.

No worries, this is not a ultimate emo post. Just some thoughts that lingered in my mind these several days and decided to write it out here.


Ain's gonna fall deeper anymore
Thursday, July 21, 2011 || 10:07 PM

Its pretty tough to try to forget bout something and you tried your very best for the last couple of months. You tried to conceal it, forget bout it and think bout other stuffs, but it appears to be pretty unsucessful most of the time.

When you've decided to go for it, you're unsure whether your actions would be a wise thing to do or not. Maybe at times things are like its either you do or die.

At times I prefer to go for it. You never know how you'll end up. Maybe you'll end up getting what you want or vice versa. But at the end of the day, I guess I'll just be glad that I did that. And few years from now, you might just end up smilling when you recall those silly stuffs u did back then.

I think its time to wake up from the dream, imagination or whatever that haunted me these couple of months.